January 2012

How an Unemployed Person's Day Should Look


Many employees have received pink slips and are currently unemployed.  However, when a person is without a job they need to be able to maintain structure throughout their day.  It's easy to get distracted with other issues such as household chores, sleeping in, and focusing on other tasks.  Instead they should set-up a job search plan as it will help them to find a job quickly and renew their overall confidence.

It’s important to be on the hunt for a job as each day you should set aside a certain amount of time to look for a job.  However to best break up the monotony try to set each day for browsing company sites and different career sites.  Set up email alerts and RSS feeds which helps to bring in jobs quickly and cuts out some of the search work involved.  After checking all of those job resources and you can go back by browsing the individual sites and find other jobs to may have possibly been missed by the automatic searches.  Your job search should include not only major job boards, industry job boards, Twitter hashtags, and Facebook status updates where people are able to post information about a potential job that may not be found anywhere else.

There are some companies that will only post their open positions on their sites and third-party recruiters may not post all of the jobs they have available. Find local networking events to attend, push yourself to go to them even if you don't feel like meeting new people.  This will help you to launch your job search to another level as it will help you to meet people who can help you land a job.

Top Strange Excuses Workers Use Who Are Late

Employees who are currently working or have worked may have come up with some of the strangest and weirdest excuses when they are late work.  Many employees have encountered legitimate situations and issues where their excuse is true.  There are times when it’s time to get up for work, it’s easy to hit the snooze button of your phone or alarm clock repeatedly.  Although despite hearing the alarm repeatedly you will eventually get up out of bed, put on some decent professional clothing and slowly slide into work and then act as if you’ve been there for the past hour.  The main types of work excuses include traffic, bad weather, lack of sleep, and getting kids to daycare or school.  Additional types of excuses were delays from public transportation, spouses, internet usage, and pets.

Resume Do’s and Don’ts


Creative an effective resume is difficult and can be confusing for many job seekers.  The good news is that there are many resume writing tips to consider and use.  Using a fully functional-style of resume isn’t a good way to go when a job candidate has gaps in their employment history.  When job candidates are trying to prepare their resume and they need to decide what is the best way to handle this gap of time in their employment history. Mentioning functional skills as a header and listing several relevant achievements that relate to those skills.  Although this strategy will cover the gap in time within the resume however HR hiring managers and professional may be able to see that a functional resume was used to hide things.  This will affect the way the reader perceives those issues and may think it is bad. 

About Home Health Aides


Home Health Aides assist patients with bathing, grooming, dressing, and personal healthcare.  These patients are mainly elderly, chronically ill, older adults, disabled or convalescent people in a patient’s homes or a residential care facility.  The industries that have the highest levels of employment within this occupation are:

Home Health Care Services with 331,940 employed.  They make an hourly wage of $10.10, and earn an annual mean wage of $21,010.  Residential Mental Retardation, Mental Health and Substance Facilities have 186,400 employed. Hourly wages of $10.54 and an annual mean wage of $21,920.  Community Care Facilities for the Elderly has 144,090 employed with $9.99 hourly wage and $20,770 annual mean wage. Individual and Family Services has 125,020 employed with $9.91 with $20,620 in annual mean wage.  Nursing Care Facilities has 48,550 employed with $10.47 hourly wage and an annual mean wage of $21,770.